Branching Out Vase

$120.00 Coming Soon

‘Branching Out’ was inspired by the natural growth of flora and foliage, it’s shape encouraging new and playful ways of arranging flowers in the home.

‘Branching Out’ is slip-cast in small batches from porcelain and glazed internally, leaving the exterior with a smooth, pebble-like vitrified surface. The vase is fired twice in a kiln up to 1300°C achieving a strong, translucent and durable finish.

The vase is approximately 200mm tall and 150mm in diameter.

Stuff&Stuff ceramics are made using high quality, translucent porcelain. Each one has been lovingly handcrafted by us in our small workshop.

No single Stuff&Stuff piece is the same. As each piece has been handmade and hand coloured there may be sigh variations from piece to piece. This ensures each Stuff&Stuff piece is one of a kind.